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Perhaps this is why they’re "Always Low Prices."

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Today’s picture for invisible illness is a personal one. This is one of about 30 notes that my friend has received since using her handicapped placard. I’m going to say this to you, have you ever seen someone get out of a car parked in a handicapped space and said to yourself “they look too young or they don’t look disabled.” I’m going to go with yes you have, because we all have at one time. I can’t remember doing it, but before I understood the difficulties of invisible illness when I was younger I probably did. Let me ask you this though, when you had that thought was it because you knew with 100% certainty that they weren’t handicapped or did you assume that because of their age and/or not seeing a cane, walker or wheelchair? All I’m asking is that we stop and think when we someone need a mobility aid, park in a handicapped space or say they are disabled that we remember this “DISABILITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE OR APPEARNACE.” #spoonie #invisibleillness #disability #chronicillness #rheumatoidarthritis #lupus #fibromyalgia #myofascialpainsyndrome

If nothing else, this post needs to be seen around the internet more. This harassment is not okay and no one should have to deal with it on top of having an invisible illness. This is just another form of anonymous bullying to add to the internet bullying these TROLLS are capable of.

If you are healthy, please reblog.
If you are sick, please reblog.
If you have a disability, please reblog.
If you have an invisible illness, please reblog.
If you know someone with a disability, please reblog.
If you are a human being, please reblog.

Let’s spread the word and help those of us that may not look like it. 

Ignorance isn’t bliss, ignorance is ignorance. 

And people ask me why I am afraid to use my cane in public.

Being disabled, visibly so is always dangerous

When I got my first cane and posted about it, I had people demanding to know why I thought I “deserved” it at my age.

That was the word.


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Thanks for your answer. Reggie is a strong and beautiful lady ! Does she have good relations with her big sister ? Her neighbors ? I saw in another ask that GA dislikes TN. PS : No, you didn't scare me at all ! I've been following your blog since that day c:
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I wanted to draw something to this, but I’m at work and pencil drawings taken on my cellphone won’t look all too good. SO I’ll just answer this to the best of my ability and from what I know thus far about Tennessee.

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World’s First Hoverboard? For Realsies?

Many are the debates that rage around the future of science and technology, concerning thorny ethical dilemmas and seemingly intractable issues of public policy. But if there’s one thing everybody can agree on, it’s this: We all strive for a world where people commute on electromagnetic hoverboards.

Good news on that front this week: A small Silicon Valley startup company announced that it’s developed a working hoverboard prototype, ramped up and ready to go. Called the Hendo, the hoverboard uses magnetic field architecture (MFA) to elevate the skateboard-sized platform — with or without rider — about an inch above a copper-surfaced half-pipe. Learn more

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West Mitten, Monument Valley, Arizona

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Here’s my video that I took while exploring the remains of Doc Rogers’ house/hospital in Coker Creek, Tennessee. Please overlook the bad quality of the video. My camera sucks at taking video.