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From WNC. Pleased to meet you!

As of now I have photo compilations from Bele Chere from Friday, and a video of the festival I recorded today. Here are some of the photos I took that I think are okay, on the whole. Incidentally, for those who are wondering, Bele Chere means “Beautiful Living” in the ancient Scottish dialect, according to the festival organizers. It was started to revitalize the then struggling downtown area of Asheville in 1979. Since then, the area has made an economic recovery. Some people have a lot of fun at this festival because there are lots of arts, crafts, karaoke, beer, buskers, and music. Others though feel it no longer has a place in the city and hurts business downtown now. Some dislike some of the drunken behavior that comes from the festival, while others feel that a certain group who has been coming to protest the festival is disrespectful of the atmosphere and the citizens. How do you view this festival? Yea or nay? 

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